Volume VIII

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note 1-3
Empirical research
2. Effect of Yoga on Attention and Concentration in Primary School Students Sadhana Dauneria & Chitra Subramanian 5-13
3. A Study onthe Effect of ChandrayanaVrata and Yoga – As a Therapy tool in modern Era Rangappa & K. Krishna Sharma 14-17
4. Study on Yoga Intervention along with Diet on Hypothyroidism Associated with Obesity among Sedentary Working Women in West Bengal Swapan Banerjee 18-23
5. Assessment of Yoga Therapy on Estrogen Hormone – A Case Study Rashmitha & K.Krishna Sharma 24-28
6. Assessment of Yoga Therapy in Women with Anaemic Condition K Krishna Sharma & Rashmitha 29-33
7. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Yoga among Medical Students in Andhra Pradesh Srinivaas Ankamreddy, Samson Sanjeeva Rao Nallapu & TSR Sai 34-41
8. The Assessmentchandrayana Vrata And Yogic Practicess On Obese Women K. Krishna Sharma & Rangappa 42-47
9. Effects of Yogatherapy on Menstrual Disorders in Paramedical Hostel Students K Krishna Sharma & Savitha 48-52
10. A Comparative Study of Yoga and Gym Practitioners on Positive and Negative Affects and Psychological Well- Being Ruchi Singh & Akbar Husain 53-56
Literary Research
11. Yoga in Allergic Respiratory Disorders : From Known to Unknown Parin N Parmar 57-64
12. An assessment on the Role of Psychological factors for the Manifestation of Various Disease Conditions with Special Reference to Classical Texts
Logeshwari. K & R. S. Jeladharan 65-70
12. Yoga for Social and Global Transformation Ajay Bhardwaj 71-76
13. Yoga and Human Excellence Kamakhya Kumar 77-81