Volume VI


Issue 1

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note 1-3
Empirical research
2. Impact of Preksha Meditation (P.M.) on Mental Health of Female Executives of Metro City B.P. Gaur and  V.S. Gusain 4-5
3. A Study on the Effect of Integrated Yoga on Labor Pain Radhika Chandrakar et.al. 6-10
4. The Effect Of Yogicpractice Enhances Self–Esteem Among Student Teachers S,Velvizhi 11-17
5. Effectiveness of Yoga on Certain Personality Traits – A Pilot Study B.Tamilselvi 18-22
6. Effect of Yoga and Physical Exercises on metabolic syndrome among persons with Intellectual Disability Manisha Sharma et. al. 23-29
7. Impression of Group Consciousness on Alpha E.E.G. Brain Waves Shudhanshu Verma et.al. 30-37
8. Effect of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra on Self Inferiority & Depression Kanchan Joshi 38-43
Literary Research
9. The Relationship Between Yoga Psychology and Western Psychology, and Its Implications For Psychotherapy Meera Sharma 44-55
10. FG Meditation as a Multidisciplinary and Holistic Approach of Meditation Farshad Nazaraghaei 56-62
11. Path of Enlightenment in Patanjal Yoga Sutra Virendra Singh 63-68
12. Essence of Karma, Bhakti, and Gyan Yoga in special reference of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta Sunil Kumar Srivastava 69-75
13. Shatkarmas: Its origin and implication Somdutta Tiwary 76-78


Issue 2

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note 99
Empirical research
2. Efficacy Of Yoga Therapy On Health Maladies Of Obese Women G.Vinod Kumar 101-105
3. Yoga-Preksha-Dhyan Practice As A Cost-Effective Preventive Strategy Against Aggressiveness In Primary School Children Viney Jain, Khushbu Jain, Shweta Sharma,
Samani Chaitanya Prajna
4. Influence Of Asana And Simplified Kundalini Yoga On Flexibility On College Woman Students A. Rajam, M. Saradha, K. Nagarasan 114-122
5. Stress Management In Cricket Players Through Yogic Techniques Arvind Kumar & G.D.Sharma 123-126
6. Privatisation Of Higher Education In India : A Positive Step S Rehan Ahmad & Mohammad Un Nisa 127-131
7. Hacumulative Influences Of F.G.Meditation On The Pharmaceutical Treatment Of Asthma Patientsamong Women Between The Ages Of 30-40 Years Nazaraghaei, Farshad, Farrokhi & Shokrollah 132-136
8. Therapeutic Effect Of Yogic Practices On The Management Of Hypertensive Subjects Saraswati Devi 137-141
9. Impact Of Regular Practice Of Yoga On Anxiety And Subjective Sleep Rating In Novices Gangotri Panda And Sanjib Patra 142-148
10. A Study On Effect Of Yogic Intervention On Adjustment Level Of Working Women Kamakhya Kumar 149-155
Literary Research
11. Contemporary Buddhism In India Yatendra Dutt Amoli & Swarnakala Singh 156-158
12. Decoding Life In View Of Shaivism Vandana Sharma 159-164
13. Yoga For The Adjuctive Management Of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Clinical Review Neil K. Agarwal (MD) & Shashi K. Agarwal (MD) 165-172
14. Therapeutic Effect Of Yoga Intervention On Medical Variables: Systematic Reviews S.Sathish Kumar & G.Vinod Kumar 173-180
15. The Survey On Food Politics Of India Mrs.Chetna Gupta 181-186
17. How & Why To Exercise During Pregnancy ? Advice For Indian Mothers Alka Pawalia 187-192
17. Management Of Type II Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Through Herbal Medicinal-Smoke (Dhoom-Nasya) – A Case Study Viralkumar Patel, Alka Mishra, Vandana Shrivastava 193-197
18. New Dimension In Principles Of Yoga Therapy For Managing Life Style Disorders Rakesh Giri 198-202
19. Garhwal Himalayas –The State Of Garhs (Forts) Ajay Parmar 203-206


Supplementary Issue

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   213
Empirical research
2. Assessment of Therapeutic Effect of Yogic Practices on the Immune Response and Body Weight of HIV Infected Subjects: A Randomized Controlled Trial Hrushikesh P., K. Krishna Sharma 215
3. Yogic Vision K Krishna Sharma, Thirumaleshwara Prasada H 222
4. Holistic Approach of Yoga for Health – A Light on Classical References K Krishna Sharma & Udayakumara K 226
5. Efficacy of Yoga Therapy in the Improvement of Lung Function Parameters K Krishna Sharma & Ajithesha N.H 230
6. Assessment of the Impact of Yoga Therapy on Functional Disabilities in the Subjects with Degenerative Lumbar Disc Disorder K Krishna Sharma, Sriharisukesh N & MaurRai K 234
7. Effect of Yogic Practices on Liver Function Parameters Sharma K.K and Kumar K.P 241
8. A Study on the Effect of Surya Namaskara on Emotional Maturity and Psychological well being Jeladharan Nair. S 244
9. The Therapeutic Effect of Yoga on Management of diabetes mellitus and occupational stress – a classical approach Logeshwari .K &  S. Jeladharan Nair 248
10. Pranamaya Kosha from the view point of ancient and modern science Sanjib Patra 260
11. Annamaya Kosha – From the view point of ancient and modern science Bhavit Bansal and Sanjib Patra 263
12. Highlighting Neuro-Psycho-Physiological Aspects of Yogic Meditation in Respect to Psychological Stress and Anxiety in New Era Farshad Nazaraghaei & K. Krishna Bhat 266
13. Brief Introduction to Some Major Geometric Somatic Breathing Based Meditation Subdivisions Including Linear and Three Dimensional Concentrative Techniquesin F.G. Meditation Farshad Nazaraghaei & K. Krishna Bhat 271
14. Yoga Therapy in Menstrual Disorders Govardhan Reddy G,  Lavya Shetty, Annapoorna K. 282
15. Yoga Therapy In Anxiety And Depression : A Clinical Round Up Annapoorna K, Vasanthalaxmi K, Govardhan Reddy G, Lavya Shetty 286
16. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder With Respect to Combat
Exposure: A Study on Army Veterans
Pallavi Sachdeva, Rahul Sharma & Sonia Sharma Badyal 289