Volume V

Issue 1

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note 1-4

Empirical Research

2. Yoga and pulmonary diseases: an evidence based review Dr. Shashi Agarwal 5-10
3. Effect of Yogic Kriyas in Patients with Migraine: A Randomized Controlled Trial Geethanjali M C et. al. 11-17
4. Approach of Yoga based lifestyle towards Social adjustment among Students Dr. Kamakhya Kumar et. al 18-23
5. A study on the effect of Yoga Nidra on stress level of the patients suffering with spondolitis and backache Dr. Neha Chaudhary et. al. 24-26
6. A study on the effect of yoga practices on the level of anxiety among college students Dr. Narendra Singh et .al 27-29

Literary Research

7. YOGA: a path for attaining spiritual energy and power Prof. Akbar Husain 30-37
8. Acharya Shree Ram Sharma’s leading edge literature and Akhand-Jyoti magazine- a scientific embodiment of a spiritual exemplar Rakesh Varma 38-43
9. Harmony of Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda for Prevention and Eradication of Diseases Dr. Kanchan Joshi 44-49
10. Simplified Kundalini yoga practices on selected psychological aspect of women T. Jenila et. al. 50-53
11. Societal stress of war for humanity S. Mothilal Nehru et .al. 54-59
12. Meditation technique in SKY Yoga K. Shethuraman et. al. 60-63
13. Vethantham to Vethathiri Yogam K. K. Aathava 64-70
14. The inner consciousness of ‘DNA’ R. Jayapal 71-74
15. Importance of the knowledge of Samkhya for Yoga practitioners Dr. Sukanta Das 75-79

Book Review

16. A search for a book on “asanas” for practitioners and teachers Dr. Yogesh Kumar 80-87
17. Guidelines for authors 88-89
18. Subscription form 90


Issue 2

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note 93

Empirical Research

2. Reversing Hypertension Through Yogic Intervention Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 95-100
3. Systemic Yogic Practices can Manage occupational health, stress and hypertension Dr. K. Krishna Sharma 101-107
4. Impact of Yoga Practices on occupational stress among India army personnel Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh et. al 108-112
5. Comparative Study on Selective Attention: Yogic and Mordern Education System Sanjesh Kumar et. al. 113-119
6. Effect of Mindfull Breathing on stressed student Rohit chobe et. al. 120-126
7. Impact of Yoga on Physical and Psychological Health Among Elderly Yoga Doer and Non Doer Dr. Krishna J. Vaghela 127-132
8. Application of Super Brain Yoga for Academic Anxiety Management in Adolescence Pushpendra Kumar et. al. 133-138
9. Effect of Yogic Practices on adjustment Level of Blind Students Kewal Ram Chakradhari et .al. 139-144
10. Efficacy of Meditation and Counseling on Emotional Intelligence Sachin Kumar Dwivedi et. al. 145-151
11. Impact of Yoga on obesity Management of Corporate Personnel Somdutta Tiwari et. Al. 152-157
Theoretical Research
12. Critical Analysis of the Role of Yoga in Management of Life Style Disorder Dr. Dandekar Prandya Deepak 158-163
13. Yoga Journalism and Its Application: An Overview Dr. Ajay Bhardwaj 164-170
14. Development of conceptual Model of Pranayam as in Yoga Vashishtha (nirvana prakarana) and its Comparison with Concept of Pranayama in Patanjal Yoga Sutra and Hatha Yoga Pradipika Manek Vidhi Umesh 171-179
15. Guidelines for authors 180-181