Volume IV


Issue 1

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   1-4
2. Influence of Kayotsarga (Relaxation with self awareness) practice on Cardio-Pulmonary Functions Dr. Yuvraj Singh Khangarot et. al. 5-10
3. Effect of Yogic Intervention on General Body weight of the subjects: A study report Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 11-14
4. Effect of Yoga on Menstrual Problems in Adolescents P. Unniraman et. al . 15-21
5. Role of Yoga Nidra and Shirodhara on Hypertension patients Saraswati Devi et. al. 22-27
6. A Study of the Effect of Yogic Package on Blood Profile of Alcoholics Rajpoot Pushp Lata et. al. 28-30
7. A Study of the effect of Surya Namskar and Bhramari Pranayam on Self Confidence Dr. Megha Rastogi et. al. 31-33
8. Background Characteristics of Female Sex Workers Dr. Archana Shukla et. al. 34-40
9. Trans-personal & Psychology of the Vedic System: Healing the Split between Psychology & Spirituality Meera Sharma 41-48
10. Meditation in Hatha Yogic Text: A review Dr. Somdutta Tiwary et. al 49-52
11. Transforming personality through Eight steps of Raj yoga Dr. Ajay Bhardwaj 53-56
12. How Yoga becomes inevitable for society Sukanta Das 57-61
13. Holism in Yoga: Some Reflections on Yoga Sutra Dr. Arun Pratap Singh 62-65
14. Holistic Psychotherapy in Patanjal Yoga Darshan Rakesh Kumar Ranjan 66-69
15. Guidelines for authors   70-72


Issue 2

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   73-76
2. Benefits of Yoga Practices on High school student’s memory and concentration in relation to Examination stress Dr Ram Kalap Tiwari 77-81
3. Transcendental Meditation as a Treatment Modality for Psycho-somatic Problems Mrs. Mudita Gaur (Sharma) et. al. 82-87
4. A Study to Assess the Effect and Experience of Transcendental Meditation on Hypertension Patients Attending Medical OPD at Mangalore, Karnataka Mrs. Devi S. et. al. 88-94
5. Effect of Yoga- Asanas and Pranayama on Diabetic Adults Dr. Akansha Srivastava et.al 95-101
6. Perceived Self-Other Relatedness: A Cross Religion Perspective Dr. Archana Shukla et. al. 102-109
7. A study on effect of Yogic intervention on Occupational stress of working Women Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 110-115
8. Effect of Shiv Panchakshri Mantra on Adjustment Level Dr. Amrit Lal Gurvendra Et. al 116-123
9. A Study on the Effect of Yogic Intervention on Anxiety among Shift workers Dr. Archana Sharma 124-127
10. Effect of Kirtan on Emotional Maturity Dr. Shikha Rani 128-132
11. Practice of Pranayama: A Physiological Approach Dr. Annapoorna K et. al 133-138
12. Raja Yoga and Its Role in Spirituality Dr. Pratibha Bharti 139-144
13. Book Review: A Book revealing the Secrets of the Vedic Yoga and Rishi tradition Dr. Ajay Bharadwaj 145-147
14. Guidelines for authors   148-150