Volume IX

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note 1-3
Empirical Research
2. Life Skills and Yoga as Cutting Edge Mechanisms for Transformative Competencies Srinivaas Ankamreddy et.al 5-13
3. Efficacy of Dhyana and Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy on Anxiety and Thought Control of Parents of Differently Abled Children
Dr. Bibin Chand 14-20
4. Effect Of Yoga Postures In Children With Migraine Headache Mr. Govardhan Reddy & Dr Krishna Sharma 21-25
5. Constructing Norms of Muscular Strength, Muscular Power and Muscular Endurance for Tug of War Male Players Lovedeep Singh & Prof. (Dr.) Pritam Singh 26-32
6. The Innovative Methods of Teaching of ABC of Yoga Charts For School Children: Design & Development Manish Kumar & Paran Gowda 33-40
7. A Study Of Stress Management On Secondary Students Through Pranayama And Meditation Kanchan Joshi & etal. 41-44
8. Human Chakras as Yantra, Bijakshara as Mantra and Divine Light as Tantra and its impact on Gross, Subtle, Etheric and Causal Body Hemanth C 45-55
9. A Study On The Impact Of Yogic Chandrayana Vrata On Improving Pulmonary Function And Quality Of Life Rangappa & Dr. K. Krishna Sharma 56-62
Literary Research
11. Psycho-Spirituality- A trigger for thought transformation Dr. Sudhanshu Verma 63-67
12. Psychosomatic Management through Yoga Dr. Parinita Singh 68-73
12. Relevance of Patanjali Yoga Sutrás, its Kriyás in combating the corruption in social paradigm Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh 74-80
13. Application of Yoga for Harmony & Peace Dr. Shivom & Dr. Sudhanshu Verma 81-88
14. Prayaschitta Sadhana: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach Dr Kamakhya Kumar 89-94