Volume III


Issue 1

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   1-4
2. Guest Article: An approach to Counseling based on Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Dr. Latha Satish 5-11
3. Assessment of the effect of Yoga therapy on Sinusitis by using Infra Red Thermal Imaging System Dr. K Krishna Bhat & Udayakumara K 12-19
4. Effect of Yogic intervention on some bio-chemical parameters of Diabetic patients Rajan 20-24
5. Impact of Yogic practices on some bio-chemical parameters of Arthritis patients Susheel Kumar 25-29
6. Role of Shatkarma & Panchakarma on Low Density Lipoprotein Dr. Sunil Kumar & Prof. V.P. Upaddhyaya 30-33
7. Impact of Yoga practice on Physiological measures in Anxiety conditions Dr. Annapoorna K et. al. 34-37
8. A study on the effect of Yoga and Naturopathy on Dysmenorrhea Dr. Sadhana Dauneria & Dr. Jyoti Keswani 38-42
9. A Study on Effects of Selected Yogic Practices on Psychological Variables of Deaf and Dumb Children Dr. Samsher Singh 43-49
10. Academic Anxiety among Student and the Management through Yoga Dr. Kamakhya Kumar & Dr Somdutta Tiwary 50-53
11. Components of Simplified Kundalini Yoga in Relation to Demographic Characteristics Nirmala Raghavan & Dr.Haider Yasmeen 54-61
12. Yoga for Psychological Rehabilitation: An Overview Abhishek Kumar Bhardwaj, Shirley Telles & Acharya Balkrishna 62-67
13. Bridging West and East through the Transpersonal Approach of Psychotherapy Meera Sharma & Joseph F. Ryan 68-75
14. Universal Peace & Harmony through Yoga Journalism Dr. Ajay Bharadwaj 76-80
15. Psychology of Hindu tradition in perspective of Personality Dr. Vinod Nautiyal & Dr. Rajni Nautiyal 81-84
16. Guidelines for authors   85-88


Issue 2

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   89-92
2. Guest Article: Current issues in Science of Consciousness and Yoga Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 93-97
3. Management of Alcoholic Liver Disease by Naturopathy and Yoga Intervention: A Case Report Naveen GH et.al 98-102
4. Effect of Naturopathic Based Fasting Therapy Among Healthy Individuals – A Randomized Controlled Trial Naveen GH et.al 103-111
5. Effect of Transcendental Meditation on the State of Stress of Office Workers Dr. Chinta Haran Betal 112-119
6. Health and Life style Status of Rajput Sikhs in Doaba Region: a Study Report Kuljit Singh 120-124
7. Wireless Performance Evaluation of Sun Salutation Using Body Mount Accelerometers Shravan.T.R & Dr. S.N. Omkar 125-132
8. Effects of Selected Asanas on Physical Fitness and Anxiety Level among Post Graduate Female Students Dr. Rajkumar.P.Malipatil et. al 133-137
9. Nada meditation as an intervention strategy for Anxiety among Aged People Dr. Bhawana Srivastava 138-142
10. Management of Hemiplegia through Preksha Meditation Shekhawat Pradyuman Singh et. al 143-149
11. Insightful teachings of the Bhagavad Gita for the development of Leadership Yatendra Dutt Amoli & Swarnkala Singh 150-152
12. Healthy Lifestyle Modification – An Ayurvedic Outlook to Prevent Male Infertility Velayudhan Sreejith & Kulkarni Prathibha 153-157
13. Yogic Intervention and the Weight Loss Mrs. J.Sathya Shenbega Priya & Dr. L.N.Samaga 158-162
14. Yoga and Healthy Life Style Modification in Prevention of Premenstrual Syndrome H J Thejaswini et. al 163-165
15. Guidelines for authors   166-168