Volume I


Issue 1

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   1-4
2. Chitta-Prasadanam Swami Veda Bharati 5-8
3. Paranormal Phenomena in Patanjal Yoga Sutra Dr. B. R. Sharma 9-14
4. Therapeutic Efficacy of Music in Management of Neurosis Vivek Maheshwari et.al 15-23
5. Effect of Yogic practices on Anxiety and Depression level in incomplete Spinal cord injured patients: A randomized Controlled Trial Anvita Singh et.al. 24-32
6. To Study the Effect of Academic Achievement on the Level of Self – confidence Manoranjan Tripathy et.al 33-45
7. The Effect of Nadisodhan Pranayama on Blood Hemoglobin among healthy volunteers Vijay Kumar Singh 46-51
8. Effect of Nadishodhan Prayayama and Om chanting on Memory Enhancement of College Students Kanchan Joshi 52-57
9. Effect of Yoga nidra on hematological variables in women of reproductive age group suffering
from menstrual disturbances
Monika Rani et.al 58-67
10. A Study on the Effect of Yogic intervention on serum glucose level on Diabetics Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 68-73
11. Human Excellence of Swami Vivekananda with special reference to Bhagavad Gita Somdutta Tiwary et .al 74-76
12. Aviation Science of the Ancient India: A Challenge for Modern Intellectuals Yatindra Dutta Amoli 77-84


Issue 2

S.No. Article Name Author Page no.
1. Editor’s Note   89-92
2. Influence of Preksha Meditation on Blood Profile of Adults Pradyumna Singh Sekhavat et.al 93-104
3. The Effect of Yogic Practices on Academic record, Memory, Body Weight and Lung function of the School going Children Dr. K.Krishna Bhat & Dr K Krishna Sharma 105-109
4. Effect of Yoga training program on Yoga based information in Physical Education Teachers Dr. Babu Lal Dayma 110-113
5. Effect of Yogic and Ayurvedic intervention on Hypertensive patients Saraswati Devi & Dr Vandana Srivastava 114-118
6. A Study on the Effect of Surya Namaskar on Emotional Maturity and Psychological Wellbeing Manju Deorari et.al 119-125
7. A Study on the Effect of Yogic Intervention on RA Factor in Gout Patients Amit Negi & Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 126-130
8. Effect of Yogic Practices on Adjustment Enhancement in School Students Shivasish Kothiyal & Dr Praveen Joshi 131-135
9. Effect of ‘Bhootashuddhi Kriya’ on Alpha EEG of Males Dushyant Kakar & Somdutta Tiwary 136-142
10. Effect of Nada Brahma Meditation on Alpha EEG on college going Students Dr. Vinod Nautiyal et al. 143-149
11. Yogic Intervention and its Effect on General Well Being Dr. Kamakhya Kumar 150-155
12. A Brief Geographical History of Yoga in Modern India Dr. Ananda Balyogi Bhavnani 156-168
13. Guideline to Contributors   169-172